The Chinese American Teachers Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping current and future Chinese American teachers succeed in the field of education. We are a group of highly dedicated and passionate teachers who are interested in maintaining a strong network of educators to help our students achieve success in our classrooms. Our association is made up of master teachers, new teachers, and soon-to-be teachers. We work together to create an open environment for professional and social support.

MidBRAIN way to Genious Training Enroll now

As a parent would you like to:

  1. Improve your children's ability to play Piano, Violin, or other Musical instruments?
  2. Improve your children's ability to Draw and expand their creative and innovative potential?
  3. Improve your children's reaction time and kinesthetic learning ability for Sports such as Golf, Soccer, and Basketball?
  4. Substantially increase your children's capability to Concentrate and Comprehend?
  5. Build your children's confidence so that they will ready to face themany challenges that life has to offer?

  6. If so, MidBrain Activation may be just the training program you need! At Midbrain Educational Center we have developed a scientific method to help your children maximize their brain's potential. Our latest brain training methods include: Imagination Training, Photographic Memory Training, Concentration Training, Breathing Techniques, Brain Fitness, Visual Exercises, Finger Exercises , and Brainwave Enhancement After completing a full cycle of training, students will learn how to more efficiently use their brain's to achieve their full learning potential.

Testimonies from students:

  1. Kristina, a 4 year old girl, attended Midbrain training for a total of 30 hours and can fully remember complex choreography for dance after only 2 rehearsals.
  2. Jeremy, a 6 year old boy, attended the training for only 20 hours and managed to shorten his breakfast time from 50 minutes to 15 minutes as well as shortening the time he takes to complete his homework.
  3. Aldon, a 7 year old boy, took part in the 40 hours Midbrain training course and can now finish a Kumon packet in 15 minutes that used to take him more than an hour.
  4. Tony and Cameron, both 11 year old boys, attended our 35 hours training course and increased their memory capacity by 110% after testing!
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Supporting Future Teachers

One of our main function is to help support those who are planning to enter the education field by becoming teachers. The website hosts a variety of information helpful to future teachers navigate through the teaching credential process. Throughout the year, we host workshops and seminars designed to offer guidance through each step of the credentialing process. Additionally, the association offers it's members access to mentors who can help encourage future teachers towards the completion of a teaching credential.

Mission Statement

To promote the welfare and interests of all certificated teachers.

Non-profit Organization Statement

Effective February 28, 2007, Chinese American Teachers Associations has been granted tax exempt status by IRS (E.I.N. #208648010) under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c) (3) and by the Franchise Tax Board of California (Corporation #2982238) under State Revenue and Taxation Code Section 23701d (c) (1).

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